Manila Hotel: Stop serving shark fin dishes

Via Scoop.itEarth Island Institute Philippines

Each year, an estimated 100 million sharks are killed brutally because of the ongoing demand for shark-fin soup and other shark fin dishes. Aside from containing high levels of poisonous mercury, shark fin is also tasteless.   The horrific process of shark finning involves fishermen capturing live sharks, fin them, and dump the finless animal back into the water still alive. The fins are removed with a hot metal blade. The resulting immobile shark soon dies a slow and agonizing death from suffocation.   Sharks are magnificent creatures that have been around for millions of years. They play very important roles in our oceans. As apex predators, they regulate the quantity and health of other species of fish and invertebrates. Sharks quite often prey on sick, diseased or old animals. This prevents the disease or sickness from spreading and creates habitat space for other animals.   Please sign this petition to urge the management of Manila Hotel to stop serving shark fin dishes in their menu. Do this to help save sharks, and ultimately the ocean and ourselves.