Blog: Release of Updated “Behind the Dolphin Smile” |

Via Scoop.itEarth Island Institute Philippines

“Ric O’Barry’s classic book (with co-author Keith Coulbourn) of his experiences with Flipper and his change of heart to protect dolphins from captivity, Behind the Dolphin Smile, is back in print again. This new edition features a new Foreward by author Susan Casey and an updated Preface about The Cove documentary.   Behind the Dolphin Smile is an entertaining tale of how Ric got his start in training dolphins and orcas, his experiences in Hollywood as trainer for the Flipper television series and shark wrangler for Thunderball, and his environmental awakening that led to a career of advocating for wild dolphins and rehabilitating many captive dolphins to return them to the ocean where they belong…”    -Mark Palmer, International Marine Mammal Project, Earth Island Institute   TO READ FULL ARTICLE, PLEASE CLICK THE TITLE.