“No Protection – No Hope”: Commentary about Dr. Giam Choo Hoo & conflict of interests in CITES

Via Scoop.itEarth Island Institute Philippines

“I have often wondered about the madness behind organisations such as CITES, and conspiracy theories have run abound. Upon reading this 50-page report, they are no longer just conspiracy theories, but actual fact. The report highlights a major “conflict of interest” case where the main culprit, Dr Giam Choo Hoo, uses his position of power to influence and lobby those within CITES against any protection of shark species…


Without the removal of Dr Giam and the introduction of ‘conflict of interest’ provisos to CITES, NOTHING will ever be protected and the bio-diversity of life on OUR planet will lie in the hands of those whose only wish is to exploit for their own personal greed…”


Commentary By Gary Stokes – Sea Shepherd Hong Kong



Via http://www.seashepherd.org