“BUSONG” (Palawan Fate) Screening on April 18-24 at Shangrila Plaza Cineplex | Image | Earth Island Philippines Web Portal

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“Busong” is the indigenous Palawan concept of Fate or instant Karma. Nature reacts instantly to man’s disrespect of nature and other men. Punay (Alessandra de Rossi)  was born with wounds in her feet so that she cannot step on the earth. Her brother, Angkarang, carries her through a hammock, as he searches the changing landscape of Palawan in hoping to find a healer who can cure Punay. Different people help him carry his sister along the way- a woman looking for her husband, a fisherman who lost his boat and a young man who is searching for himself- and each one meets their fate. The first Palawanon indigenous film.


Cinemalaya presents a Solito Arts Production
in association with Alternative Vision Cinema and Voyage Studios

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