Update on Jim Sullivan & the XPAC8000 Expedition

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Birthday Update » XPAC 8000: 


Last night as Jim Sullivan bobbed in the Pacific just south of San Clemente Island, Latitude N. 32 degrees 35.199′, Longitude W. 118 degrees 13.376′ to be exact, the stars looked like candles on a massive constellation cake to our becalmed sailor. Contemplating his lack of forward movement, as one often does on one’s birthday, Jim was beginning to feel melancholy when an impromptu surprise party was thrown by a large pod of Grey whales. Singing and splashing carried on for hours as the whales danced around his boat, causing Elusive Spirit to roll side to side, gently rocking the Birthday Boy to sleep. Sometimes, despite our wishes, the best place to be is right where we are. Sweet dreams Jim and Happy Birthday.


Reported by Robert Lee

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