Pilot Whale-killing of the Faroe Islands has recently made strong protest

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Grinda killings” have occurred in the Faroe Islands for hundreds of years – the custom was brought there by the Norwegians. Pilot whales are highly social animals and live in family herds / social groups. When such a group swim in the narrow creeks that separates the islands of the Faroe Islands from each other, they are often doomed: A large number of boats chase whales in towards the beach where they can be dragged on shore and killed. It involves extreme fear and stress for the animals. When they hunted the country, is a crowd running towards them and those who are stranded drawn on land by that hook solid metal hooks in their body – or a more modern variant, a hook in the nostrils to be more “humane”, but of course also causes very uncomfortable. The animals are killed by cutting the neck with a knife in three cuts (mostly) after which the vertebral column break because the muscles no longer hold the weight.

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